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Spa Massage Treatment

Indulge yourself with our in-house spa treatments offered by Grand Avenue Pool Villas, Spa and Bar with an array of spa treatments pampering the body and nourish the senses. Local selected ingredients in fusion with innovative modern therapists will undeniably engender total relaxation and fitness. Ultimately, it will leave you with inner radiance and blissfully satisfaction.
The Banjar Bali Spa is a day spa that is especially designed for those who want a special and unique spa sensation. As one of the biggest spas in Bali, we operate 123 rooms with a total of 155 beds, which are categorized into 3 types of rooms.
Stunningly located on rocks amidst of the sparkling Indian Ocean, these two awe–inspiring spa villas are the pinnacle of our Bali luxury spa. Surrounded by the sea, each spa villa has been ingeniously designed to blend with the environment, highlighted in Indonesian ‘merbau’ wood, traditional Balinese ‘alang alang’ thatched roofs, and interiors enhanced by the natural contours of the rocks.