Trick Art Museum

Welcome to IAM BALI, the most 3D interactive art museum in Indonesia. We are located in the magnificent island of Bali – Indonesia that is so well known as one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. In March 2017, TripAdvisor named the Bali island the world’s top destination in its Traveler’s choice award. We are so proud to present  to you IAM BALI 3D museum as one of the most exciting tourist attraction in this “Island of Gods”.
We are Korea's 3D Trick Art Museum DMZ.
The 3D Illusion art, started from Korea and have been praised all over the world, is coming to Bali, the beautiful vacation spot in Indonesia.
The 3D Museum here in Bali has been becoming another attraction in Bali by diversely expressing beautiful sceneries and customs of Bali based on the expertise of DMZ Museum that have been creating numerous trick arts.
From the illusion trickery art at the entrance to the labyrinth of Egyptian pyramid, and the world of imaginations afterwards will guide you to a whole new world you have never expected to see.
We invite you to come to our space of surprises and excitements, and experience the world full of fun and joy that could be only brought to you through 3D special illusion art.
In the museum, you will enjoy about 120 art pieces created by worldly renowned illusion artists from Korea.
Come and make special memories at DMZ, the world's most fantastic illusion art museum.
Upside Down World Bali adds to the growing list of fun indoor activities on the island, where you can enter seven specially designed rooms whose décor and furniture are simply, and deliberately, the wrong way up. It is where you can enjoy a fun day out with your partner or friends and strike many whacky poses, only to end up as gravity-defying stunts in photos. Selfie sticks don’t really work here… but don’t worry, friendly staff are on standby to help you with shots.